Tuesday, March 8, 2016

...Yaad hai baarishon ke din the woh, aur pahaadi ke neeche waadi mein dhundh se jhaank kar nikalti hui rail kee patariyaan guzarti thee. 
Aur dhundh mein aise lag rahe the ham, jaise do paudhe paas baithe hon. 
Ham bahut der patariyon par baithe us musaafir ka zikra karte rahe, jisko aana tha pichhli shab, par uskee aamad ka waqt talta raha... 
hum bahut der patriyon pe baithe hue train ka intazaar karte rahe. 
Train aayee na uska waqt hua, aur tum yun hee do qadam chalkar dhundh par paaon rakhke gum ho gaye……

....remembering old times, old poets....

Monday, July 18, 2011

.....Apparently the earth sometimes thinks of the possibility of coming closer to the sun. But she can not do that. She is so base and his brilliance so searing, that she will cause destruction if she draws him closer....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oftentimes, some incidents, some people, some words stay put in your mind. Like fossilized bones they surface up every time you dig the dust of time and mercilessly force you to ask the same question without revealing the answer - "WHY?" - and when you once again fail to find the answer, you let the bones be, amass dust of time all over again, until its time to dig again...

Can a name reveal an identity?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wrote a short one after a long time....Couldn't think of a title though....

How can I write to you what no words can explain?

For instance how can words sing to you?

A musical rendition – your first words of love,

That melt in the warmth of your kisses,

And play a lullaby to me each night away from you.

Or make you feel warm?

Like your loving caresses that embrace me,

In the immense lonesome winters.......

And pray! how can they ever love you?

The way I do – more tomorrow than every before

And as it is said “I shall but love thee better after death”....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was an unusually quiet afternoon. I looked outside the window, turquoise blue lake Michigan smiled at me. I tried to smile back but it didn’t help. Two years – more than two years! Isn’t that a long time? - I thought to myself. How man learns to live and forget – or thinks has forgotten by consciously never letting some thoughts surface up. Today those thoughts kept coming back and I made no attempt to feign an indifference to their presence, even today, in some recess of my heart.

Unlike many other times, they weren’t discomforting, I think after a point in ones life, one is more comfortable with just accepting the truth, and not hiding it, not running away from it. But what was the truth? And did it matter?

I could feel the cold Scandinavian air blurring my eyes. Two years! I finally smiled to myself, nodded my head in disbelief and sat staring at my computer screen. It was an hour past after this train of thoughts had taken off an unusual journey in my mind. I hadn’t done a single bit of work today and I had no more intensions of doing so.

Duality – duality of nature – I used to once think that this is an uncommon feature. But the more I live, the more I experience, the more I realize an element of duality in all of us – without an exception – the degree of duality might differ though. When I say duality, I do not mean to refer to philosophical “Dualism”, nor to “duality” as used in politics – I mean, existing as two different personalities at a point in time. For example – extremely talkative Vs extremely quiet. Or a moralistic saint Vs a libertine.

I am not too sure why I thought about duality, I turned to look at the lake again – calm and serene. For all the disturbances, for all the good and bad that happens and will continue to happen, there was a calm in my heart too. I played my age old favourite “Yeh mera deewanapan hai”, closed my eyes and slept - with all that is me, with all that makes me better or worse… with all my thoughts, peacefully rested within me…

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This conversation soooooooooooooooo deserves to be somewhere more public :D (and the song that transpired it - is here :))

Kanika says

I want to break free

Kanika Jyotsna
haan chalo... am game :D

Amit Goyal
Lemme also join in!!

Kanika Jyotsna
karna kyaa hia par???? main apne ghar ki khidkiyoon se jo ki chabbiswein maale par hai, usse aasmaan gotakhori karne ki sonch rahi thi... neeche phoolon waale baageeche mein phir baith kar sonchte hain ki kya karna hai!

Ojas Sabnis
Height of vettiness. Three MBA students and an evs karamchari whose laptop is running out of battery :( Nice pic btw Kanika.

Kanika Jyotsna
Yaar Ojas... pic par comment karo to pata to chale logon ko ki comment hua hai !

Amit Goyal
@Ojas: Two yum-bee-yaa students wolso have assignments to be submitted tomorrow morning!!

Ojas Sabnis
Arey... baki log kahan gaye? Modi you will appreciate this.. we are drafting a patent application on a Buck Switcher. In short, we call it the Bakar (Bucker) circuit! Kanika - your comment above (re gotakhori) was a complete OHT.

Amit Goyal
I am guessing ghotakhori is a composite word - comes from "ghot" which is ob, and "khori" which I guess means excessive :P

Kanika Jyotsna
GOyallll tumne mera YumBeeYaY chura liya Misraa ke wall post se.... haddd hai plagiarism ki.... :((
and I have mid term tomorrow and one day day after... and one case competition also day day after....

Kanika Jyotsna
Ojas gotakhori means diving... maane sky diving karte hain...
Modi re kahan kho gaye tum? agar tum gore hote to yaaaa phir ganje hote to main gaati "khoya khoya chaand" :D :D

Amit Goyal
Ganja Modi- one WTF sight I tell ya!!

Amit Goyal
Lekin Halloween toh kal tha :P

Ojas Sabnis
I wanna skydive! Main sab se bada wannabe ghotakhor hoon! Anyone else game? All the best with your assignments, mid terms etc!

Kanika Jyotsna
haahahaaa am ROFL imagining a ganja Modi... hehehehehehe damm!!! tooo funny

Ojas Sabnis
Ganja is still possible (and inevitable).. lekin... Gora hone ki thodi dekhil sambhavana nahi hain!!

Amit Goyal
@Ojas: I am in whenever we get a chance!!

Paritosh Modi
bas bachhon bas!! itni bakar bhi na maaro ki haste haste pet kharaab ho jaaye!! luckily im neither gora nor ganja...to aap logon ka halloween plan gaya..but yes..if goyal can shave off his head we can have a T-rex egg for easter!

Amit Goyal
@Ojas: You def do not watch SRK's ad for fairness cream for men :P

Paritosh Modi
lagta hai tune bahut lagaya hai goyal!

Amit Goyal
@Pari: Lickily?? Ahem!! Case of khatte angoor I am guessing :P

Kanika Jyotsna
fairness cream which comes with a fairness measuring meter ....
and Modi... exactly coz u are NOT gora and can BECOME ganja our halloween plan stays intact :D bass ab SRK waali cream use karna mat shuru kar dena...

Kanika Jyotsna
not khatte angoor... khisiyaani billi khamba noche wala case maloom deta hai...

Ojas Sabnis
Chor ki dadhi mein tinka?

Paritosh Modi
yes exactly..now im a cat, and now a straw in a thief's beard!! what else can i do for your halloween sirs?

Kanika Jyotsna
Nothing actually.... halloween raat mein celebrate hota hai and u are also IAS - invisible after six.... so not much of a value addition to the halloween crowd visibly :D

Ojas Sabnis
Hehehe... IAS...Kanika on fyre!

Paritosh Modi
so all ur planning goes down the drain?!

@KJo: [You share that with a wierd guy, but that is yet another conversation.] Andhere mein Modi ke chamakte hue daant - competetive advantage hain, na ki value add!!

Kanika Jyotsna
kahan yaar... how bout the sound effectsssss :) ???

Kanika Jyotsna
and yeah... chamakte hue daant :)) Modi yeh tumhare Moti jaise daanto ka raaz kya hai ???

rofl @ competitive advantage!

Amit Goyal
@Ojas: Don't ROFL on CA, they are the two most important words you learn at a BSchool X(

chalo bahut tafreee ho gayi... ab hum jaa rahe hain, incidently, i have mid term and the course is called "competitive strategy" :D
all the best with assignments and halloween :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Wordsworth said "I wandered lonely as a cloud..."

From the window of the speeding car I could see the clouds. Not one but many and thought "clouds are never lonely, at least never alone". I could see them ambling together, some to a distant land, hand in hand; Some waiting to embrace each other - and the freedom! the freedom to be absolutely free on the blanket of a clear blue welkin, what else does one want?. After making this observation and feeling a little down in spirits I indulged in some self pity -

Lonely are not the clouds, but my heart...
My heart knows no company
Like the empty welkin
that sees the clouds come and go
My heart is an observer,
and there ends the role.
The clouds are frivolous,
But the shallow often win.
There is no time to measure,
The vastness of the welkin.
Alas! better alone,
than incomplete in company.
The emptiness in my heart,
And the emptiness of the welkin,
have a faith in each others keeping.
Sometimes we smile each other,
And know there is somebody waiting...